Wedding Suppliers

A number of wedding suppliers have assisted the Nagle Warren Mansion B&B’s guests. We appreciate the quality and service they provide.
Cakes Jane Branigan Nagle Warren Mansion 307-637-3333
Deb Hottle Hottle House Cakes 307-634-9254
Candles Madeline’s Scents Cheyenne WY   82001 307-635-9957
Flowers and decorations Jane Branigan Nagle Warren Mansion 307-637-3333
La Fleur 1811 Warren Avenue Cheyenne WY  82001 307-637-4426
Hair/Nails/Makeup Trish Dorsey The Styling Mousse 1010 Converse Avenue Cheyenne WY  82001 307-630-7970
Massage/Spa Adora Day Spa 1600 Central Avenue Cheyenne WY  82001 307-772-3402
Music Piano Jake Martin 4003 Rock Springs Drive Cheyenne WY  82001 307-638-3234
Classical Guitar Kevin Hart University of Wyoming & Laramie Guitar Ensemble
Vocal Lynn Dixon
Jewelry Burri Jewelers Dick Larkin 2206 Del Range Boulevard Cheyenne WY  82009 307-638-8945
Photography Singer Studios Greg Singer 2218 East 19th Street Cheyenne WY  82001
Dove Studios 5701 Kennedy Drive Cheyenne WY  82001-7423 307-638-3397
Rentals Dan D Rental 717 Storey Boulevard Cheyenne WY  82009
Transportation Cheyenne Carriage Steve Seigle
Video Chuck Coons