Travel writer Jesse Schmidt reviews his stay.

“Your Moment in Time”

First erected in 1888, the Nagle Warren Mansion is indeed a step back in time. The Nagle Warren Mansion has a rich and storied past; for a great period of time acting even as a YWCA for young girls in and around Cheyenne. Nagle Warren Mansion has been a stately bed and breakfast since 1997 when the current owner bought it and has been on a persistent mission of restoration. The Nagle Warren Mansion today boasts eleven rooms and one suite; each with its own bath and the Nagle Warren Mansion is a great place for you to stay when you’re trying to find an alternative to hotel lodging in Cheyenne Wyoming.

While the Nagle Warren Mansion has lasted more than 120 years, to the casual outside observer, this stately mansion appears to be something if not out of place. The neighborhood which has sprung up all around the Nagle Warren Mansion is very much a far more commercial district than one would expect to find such a lovely property.

While touring the grounds one cannot help but be awed by the startling attention to detail. There are so many wonderful accent pieces; from the stained glass windows in many of the rooms to the consistency in patterns on the trim and doorknobs to the wonderful paintings which are hanging in this bed and breakfasts walls. The Nagle Warren Mansion is a storied landmark which deserves a look the next time you’re traveling in Cheyenne Wyoming.

Innkeeper and resident historian Jim Osterfoss still runs a tight ship; even after all the adversity flung his way. Jim has used his ingenuity to make the Nagle Warren Mansion more than just a big old house in a morphing neighborhood; Nagle Warren Mansion is your destination for all manner of activity in Cheyenne. The Nagle Warren Mansion plays host to a conference center which is suitable for groups large and small.

My wife and I were speaking to this gent who was a lab tech contracted out by the adjacent hospital who lives in the Denver area but has taken up some contract work with the adjacent hospital. The night before he had rushed up from Denver as he does typically and had stayed the night over at Nagle Warren because he was called in for an emergency surgery. No doubt that there are folks from out of town who have family at the hospital and need a place to stay on a moment’s notice. Being able to find comfort in the Nagle Warren Mansion’s classic details or innkeeper Jim’s soothing demeanor and generous nature can be all the difference for a nervous family member or friend. While the off season when we visited the Nagle Warren Mansion may be okay to get a room on a walk in, last minute guests in the summer months probably won’t be so lucky.

Whether your needs for an inn are for business meetings, last minute stays related to work, social outings, or if you’re just passing through, Cheyenne Wyoming is an up and coming, always changing city and the Nagle Warren Mansion Bed & Breakfast would be delighted to be your host!