Nagle Warren Mansion Timeline

Timeline of the Nagle Warren Mansion from 1867 to becoming a B&B in 1997

1867: Erasmus Nagle arrived in Cheyenne

1869: F.E. Warren arrived in Cheyenne, age 24

1871:  F.W. Warren married Helen Maria Smith

1874:  Erasmus Nagle married Emma Houseman

1876:  George W. Nagle was born

1880:  Helen Frances Warren was born

1884:  Frederick Emroy Warren was born

1885:  U.S. Marshalls office was moved off the mansion site to clear for building the mansion.  Building was moved to Governor Warren’s house to become annex of the executive mansion

1886:  Erasmus Nagle began construction of the mansion

1888:  Mansion was completed for a cost of $50,000 plus furnishing. Large open house was held on July 26, 1888

1890:  Erasmus Nagle died of peritonitis, leaving the mansion to his wife, Emma, and son, George

1890: F.E. Warren was elected  first Governor of the State of Wyoming and the legislature chose him as Senator (served 37 years)

1902:  Helen Maria Smith Warren died

1903:  Helen Frances Warren graduated from Wellesly College, joined her father in Washington, D.C. and met Captain John J. Pershing

1905:  Helen Frances Warren married Captain John J. Pershing

1906:  Helen Elizabeth Pershing was born in Tokyo

1906:  “Black Jack” Pershing was promoted to Brigadier General

1907     While owned by the Nagles, the house was occupied by General George Randall from 1907 – 1910

1908:  Ann Orr Pershing was born in the Phillipines

1909:  Frances Warren Pershing was born in Cheyenne

1910:  Emma Nagle sold the mansion to F.E. Warren

1911:  F.E. Warren married Clara LeBaron Morgan

1912:  Mary Margaret Pershing was born in the Phillipines

1915: Helen Francis Pershing and the three girls perished in a fire at the Presidio, son Warren survived

1929: F.E. Warren died

1933 : Clara Warren gave the YWCA the mansion fully furnished; furniture, curtains, art, china, silver, etc. for $5000 The carriage house was remodeled and became the Y Playhouse.

1960:  The stone exterior of the mansion began to crumble and the YWCA covered the outer walls in stucco.  The stone front portico/porch was removed and a small porch and awning replaced it.

1985:  Don and Barbara Sullivan purchased the home. They starter the renovation with the roof & gutters, refinishing the flooring 1&2, and kitchen.

1997:  Jim Osterfoss purchased the home and turned it into a bed & breakfast.