George Nagle Seeks Divorce

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George was the Nagle’s son that grew up in the home.

Wyoming Tribune

Cheyenne, WY

November 23, 1915

Nagle seeks divorce

George H. Nagle, president of the Nagle Re-Blade Knife company, has filed suit in the district court for divorce from Julia C. Nagle, alleging as his ground for action that the defendant deserted him six months after their marriage. The marriage took place in New York, Nov. 1, 1913.

Wyoming Tribune

Cheyenne, WY

December 20, 1915

Page 7

Legal Notice

George H. Nagle and Julia C. Nagle

The said defendant, Julia C. Nagle, will take notice that an action has been brought against her in the District Court, within and for the county of Laramie in the state of Wyoming by the said plaintiff, George H. Nagle, that the purpose and object of said action and prayer of said petition is that the said plaintiff be finally and absolutely divorced from the said defendant; that the defendant is required to answer the said petition on or before Saturday, the 8th day of January, A. D. 1916

T. J. Fisher,

Clerk of the District Court of Laramie County.

By George Merritt, deputy