Ghosts in Cheyenne

Ghost in Cheyenne

Most of the folks here in Cheyenne, Wyoming are blissfully uninformed of the ghastly secrets this city keeps; not all the natives of this city are alive. The phantoms of this settlement don’t leave anyone unfrightened. A number of locals claim these descriptions are lies, but the things that happen here in Cheyenne during the moonlight hours will spook you.

These are some of the spooky things that have happened here recently.

A semi rotten human corpse may often be distinguished hauling a cadaver across the ground in Brimmer Park around midnight.

The ghost of a grower wearing a worn hat can be distinguished very often in Clear Creek hauling a skull. One of the locals firmly asserts that this ghost is the stressed spirit of a long departed Cheyenne local person.

A youthful girl in a blood-covered wedding dress has once in a while been distinguished taking a rest in a beanbag in a residence in Cheyenne. A number of of those who live here assert this spirit is that of a person who settled here

in Cheyenne before the present. In any case, this is an antagonistic phantom that you would not want to encounter at night.

A gentleman having an axe in his head is occasionally spotted staggering from residence to residence at the stroke of midnight on a Cheyenne street. It has been claimed that this specific ghost gets pleasure from scaring

foolish folks who are courageous enough to upset the quiet in Cheyenne. Regardless of what, it’s a chilling ghost that you shouldn’t go seeking.

A gentleman’s body with the head of a raccoon is rumored to have been perceived on a few instances resting at the kitchen counter in a Cheyenne trailer. One thing’s for guaranteed, it’s undoubtedly a bloodcurdling ghost that should be let alone.

A female shape can every so often be perceived staring at people in a Cheyenne building through an air vent.

The phantom of a man grasping a sword was distinguished on the apex of Augur Hill around midnight watching the landscape. Scared by the watchers the ghost fled into the shadows. If you listen to the residents, this spirit enjoys frightening foolhardy people who come trying to find spirits in Cheyenne.

The ghost of a lady with words carved into her nose appeared reflecting at Clear Creek Dam at night. When witnessed the spirit approached the observer who then fled. In any case, this is a nasty ghost that is preferably not

Cheyenne got its start in July, 1867, when General Grenville M. Dodge and his survey crew platted the site now known as Cheyenne, Wyoming in anticipation of the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad through the territory. By the time the first track was built some four months later, 4,000 people had already migrated to the new city. The railroaders and first settlers were quickly joined by gamblers, saloon owners, thieves, opportunists, prostitutes, miners and cowboys, as well as legitimate business men. The fledgling city, busting at the seams, was a wild and lawless place during its first days so it should come as no surprise that it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Wyoming. In the days preceding Halloween, a Cheyenne Trolley offers two tours per night for ghost hunters hungry for the tales. Here are but a few of the legends we’ve picked up along the way.

Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1868.

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Atlas Theatre – Built in 1887, this three story building originally held a confectionary shop on the lower level and the upper floors were utilized as office space. However, in 1907, architect William Dubois was hired to convert the first floor into a theatre. The next year, the Atlas Theatre opened and continued to operate until 1929. Closed for a couple of months, it was then reopened as the Strand. By the mid 1950’s, the building sat abandoned until 1961, when it reopened as the Pink Pony night club. Remaining open for only two short years, the building again sat idle until in 1966, when the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players began to use the Atlas for live theater productions. In 1971, the theater company purchased the Atlas, and two years later it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Though little is known about them, the historic theatre is said to be called home to two active ghosts. The Atlas Theatre building is located at 211 W. 16th Street.

Deming Elementary School – Built in 1945, the school is allegedly haunted by a man he was killed in the furnace room years ago. At night lights are said to be seen flickering in the building and clanking noises are heard. Legend also has it that if you look into a window at night, you will not only see your own shadow, but another next to it that is seemingly cast by an unknown entity. The school is located at 715 West 5th Avenue.

Francis E. Warren Air Force Base – Located three miles west of Cheyenne, this Air Force base was first established as

The Plains Hotel – In the late 1800’s the City of Cheyenne, Wyoming was called “The Magic City of the Plains,” so it was only appropriate when a luxurious hotel opened in 1911, it called itself the “Plains Hotel.” The concept of the elegant hotel was born at the annual $1 dinner of the Industrial Club (now the Chamber of Commerce) in December, 1909.

When a newly married couple checked in here years ago, the bride caught her groom with another woman and after killing them both, she turned the gun upon herself. All three are said to haunt this historic hotel. To see the full story, click HERE.

Plains Hotel vintage postcard

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church – Cheyenne’s Episcopal congregation first held services in a small frame church in 1868. However, by 1886, the congregation, made up of a number of cattle barons and large ranchers, had begun to outgrow the small building and plans were made to construct a new one. However, the winter of 1886-87 with a very bad one and blizzards and severe cold killed many of the cattle. Without the prosperity of the ranchers, it would be more than two more years before the building was ready to hold services. Opened in 1888, it was still not entirely complete as the bell tower was not done and was simply capped off.

It would be years before the bell tower was finally completed in 1924. Skilled in old world masonry, two Swedish men were hired to complete the tower. However, when it was forty feet high, the two masons simply disappeared. When new workers were hired they immediately began to complain of hearing strange tappings, the sounds of hammering, and whispers coming from the very walls of the tower.

Years later, a man came forward explaining that when the original masons were working on the tower, one of them slipped and fell to his death. The other, panicked that he would be deported, entombed the man’s remains in the tower wall.

Though no longer the case, the church once allowed public tours of the tower around Halloween. A psychic who visited during this time reported sensing two spirits in the tower – one of whom was very upset, and the other, an elderly white-haired man who walked with a cane. The two spirits are thought to be the mason that fell to his death, and Father Rafter, who had hired the men.

Over the years, many people have claimed to have heard a church pipe organ, that was once located in the bell tower, even after it was removed from the building. Others have reported that the church bells have often been known to ring of their own accord, and allegedly whispers can still be heard within the church. The church is located at 1908 Central Avenue.

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St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, before the bell tower was completed.

Before it became Warren Air Force Base, the military

installation spent more than eight years as

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