This is from Elaine Warner blog A Board Aboard describing her food experience this weekend.

Warning: Do not read this if you are hungry! You’ve heard me gripe about the difficulty of sticking to my Weight Watchers points on trips. Here’s why. In addition to great meals, we often have extra treats like the lovely noms prepared for us at the Nagle Warren Mansion. Above, relishes and barbecued bits of chicken. There was also a deadly good dip with tostadas and, below, cheeses and fruit!

Then dinner in the Capitol Grille in the historic Plains Hotel, built in 1911. I photographed this plate of London Broil (flank steak marinated for 3 days, grilled over an open flame and finished with a mushroom bordelaise sauce), garlic whipped potatoes and mixed veg before I split it with an obliging friend.

The next morning I had the first of several excellent breakfasts at the Nagle Warren Mansion. There was always juice, followed by a fresh fruit cup — it varied from day to day but included fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and watermelon in some combination. One morning it was topped with whipped cream; always garnished with fresh mint from owner Jim Osterfoss’s herb garden. The first morning I had a frittata with tomato, mozzarella, basil and bacon, Yukon Gold diced potatoes with saffron, bacon and fresh tomato wedges.

We toured the Terry Bison Ranch, which sits on the border of Wyoming and Colorado, before having a great bison burger for lunch.

Funny, I wasn’t hungry at dinnertime, so even though we ate at the Little Bear Inn, noted for steaks, I had a cup of soup and a small salad. Good for me, right? But who could pass up Bear Balls for dessert — vanilla ice cream rolled in crushed oreo cookies! Usually on press trips we get several different desserts and pass them around the table — so I just had a few bites. Well, okay, I had half a ball — but how much will power can any one foodie conjour up?

Breakfast on Friday was at the funky Luxury Diner. This part of the diner was an once an operating trolley car — from 1896 to 1912. The diner has been in this spot since 1926. This was definitely a get-your-day-started-with-a-kick breakfast — huevos rancheros topped with refried beans and chile verde, great salsa, and luxury potatoes (diced and pan-fried with onions and peppers).

Saturday’s breakfast at the Mansion included orange French toast topped with orange sauce and dried cranberries.

That night was our last dinner together. We ate at Little America on the patio. It was crowded when we arrived but quickly thinned out as everyone else was going to the Brooks and Dunn concert at the rodeo grounds. We enjoyed dinner and the music of a guitar player. After dinner he announced, “We have someone here who is having a birthday.” Ours was the only table occupied and I was the only one having a birthday (on Sunday). I had obviously not been shy about sharing the fact. Bless Darren Rudloff’s heart (he’s the CEO of the CVB), he had arranged for a beautiful cheesecake. I blew out the candles and then we all did as much damage as we could before sharing it with our servers! Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday morning I was up before everyone else — I spent the week in Wyoming on CDT. It wasn’t quite time for breakfast but Sandra McClelland, who fixes all those wonderful treats, offered to serve me early. She was making ham and smoked gouda cheese omelets and nicely made mine with just one egg — my idea of trying to redeem myself. I loved the fresh chive garnish!

And Monday morning, it was back to Weight Watchers yogurt, 1/3 cup of granola and a topping of blueberries. It will take me 3 weeks to get back to what I weighed before I left home — and then I leave for Florida! What a life! Posted by Elaine Warner at