First Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages were first printed in Cheyenne

Yellow Pages in Cheyenne

Did you know that Wyoming Telephone and Telegraph Company published the first yellow pages in Cheyenne in 1881? Well, actually it was a yellow page since there were only six ads printed and the paper was yellow. It was also the first telephone directory in the United States.

The page included phone numbers for all 102 residents and businesses that had telephones. Stebbins, Post & Co. had the distinction of having phone number 1, Senator F.E. Warren was 37, and the Stock Growers National Bank was 94. The list of phone numbers was surrounded by ads for dry goods, confections and ice cream, fresh meats and vegetables, native jewelry, and two boot ads. Both boot ads claimed to have the lowest prices in the city.

The page also contained Special Instructions to Subscribers.
1. Report promptly to this Office any irregularity in the working of your instrument. Such reports should be made in writing, and addressed to the Manager.
2. Telephone Operators are expected to be courteous and obliging over the wires of this Company. Any violation of this regulation should be promptly reported to this Office by the Subscriber.
3. Subscribers will not only insure good service, but greatly oblige the Management, by reporting any and all irregularities (in the Central Office) that may come under their observation.
4. Subscribers to this Exchange will not allow persons who are not subscribers to use their instruments, without permission of the Company.
5. In case of Fire, please notify Central Office.

To Signal Central Office, turn the crank half around, and when through talking, give another half Turn.